The Birth of Sivi

The Birth of Sivi

Welcome to Sivi blog. I’ll start with my personal experience and the influence of design in my previous startup. Finally, I’ll cover the use case of Sivi.

I am a computer science engineer turned entrepreneur. In my last 6 years as a founder of a product startup, I have got an opportunity to hire and work with more than half a dozen highly skilled designers. The product was in the area of visual analytics and automation for e-commerce, so the scope for designers was high. In the initial days, while we were working on the product-market fit, designers helped us to paint a picture without much engineering effort. Customers loved it.

Coming from an Engineering background, I believed only in reality and logic. This gave me a new perspective to look at the world. Aha! Eureka moment, design is problem-solving. My interest level went high, and I’ve started learning the basics of design and tools from 2012. Then designed a few websites, marketing materials, and brand identities. I firmly believe in design-driven product management.

Sivi logo and the design process by me. Feel free to leave your feedback.

For my previous startup, we interacted with digital marketers and designers of top e-commerce firms across the globe since the product was in the area of visual merchandising. In this process, I have worked with designers to understand their workflow and their design process. Sona worked on the UX, UI, and interaction design.

We found many areas of improvement (use cases) in the design workflow.
1. Every design requirement is unique and finding an appropriate design template is hard
2. It takes a long time to bring distinct creative options
3. Coordination between marketer and designer is a hassle. There is no easy way to express a design idea by a non-designer.
4. Device adaptations across the fragments of resolutions is a time-consuming and tedious task.

We have started working on some of the problems I have mentioned above. Our team has the right mix of design and engineering talent to understand this space and execute the vision. I have a firm hold on engineering and mathematics, thanks to the companies I worked for.

We are very proud to showcase what we have built so far, please signup for the Private Beta release here. Currently, we are working with design agencies and freelance designers to refine the product.

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